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I'm a PC, and I'm a Mac

What do you get when you cross 50 Mac Minis, a case of Monster energy drinks, and a bunch of programmers in the Geekworks basement? Check it out!

Fifty Mac Minis Fifty Mac Minis loaded with Windows XP Embedded and our digital signage app, written for Adobe AIR.
Wall of Mac Minis iWall
Wall of Monster energy drinks mWall? Monster really should be paying US, not the other way around.
Mac Mini assembly line Prepping the boxes many-at-a-time. Is this a fire hazard? Also notice the Monster energy drinks used for fuel.
Mac Minis labeled with Post-Its Each one is labeled with an address...
Google Map of Fresno ... that corresponds to one of these Christmas-colored dots in Fresno.

The digital signage app is written in ActionScript, on Adobe AIR. I mostly worked on the data aggregation in PHP (news, sports scores, stock prices, and weather) which is fed to each player as XML.

Even though the hardware's Mac minis, we use Windows XP Embedded, so they're both Macs and PCs. (nevermind that Macs are PCs to begin with...)

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