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My First Week at Yahoo!

As of June 1, I'm officially a Front End Engineer at Yahoo! My official title is Technical Yahoo! Software Applications Development Engineer, Sr. but Front End Engineer is plenty descriptive (and a hell of a lot easier to say). I'm a little late for a "first week" post, but I've been so busy getting set up as a new hire that it still seems about right.

Day One

Orientation on the 1st was pretty packed, it turns out that was the beginning of "intern season" as well, so there were a few dozen new hires and a few dozen interns. Unfortunately the AC was not working, and that many people in the same room for an entire day makes for a lot of body heat. Fortunately it was a beautiful day outside with a nice cool breeze, which made meeting my new supervisor for lunch that much better. Update: Chris is already planning to leave Yahoo! Not my fault, I swear... Thanks and good luck, Chris!

Fun Stuff

foosball table There's air hockey, pool, and foosball right outside URLs, the main cafeteria at Yahoo!
music on the green Music on the Green is a series of free concerts Yahoo! holds during the summer. There are also weekly barbecues with a great variety of different food on the grill each week. And check out those purple inflatable chairs, gotta get me one of those.
purple mini cooper There's a lot of purple stuff at Yahoo!, like a lot. This purple Mini Cooper was just sitting outside on a walkway. I think later it turned out to be an ad for insurance or something.

A More Technical Note

Generally I'm working on JavaScript for the new versions of Messenger and Mail. Don't have much to show yet but both products have some big stuff in store so watch for announcements.

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